September Agenda

SLT - Agenda 9/29/21

  1. Call to Order @ 2:54pm

  2. Welcome/ Introductions

  • I.A. AP - Ms. Stephanie Plachy-Feinstein

  • New Staff - Ms. Alcantara (DL), Ms. Perez (ENL), Ms. De La Cruz (DL), Ms. Rivera (6th & 7th ELA)

  1. SLT Meeting Schedule

Sept 29

Oct 27th 2:45pm

Nov 17th 2:45pm

Dec 22nd 2:45pm

Jan 26th 2:45pm

Feb 9th

March 16th

April 6th

May 25th

June 15th

  1. Roles of SLT

  • Co-chairs : Katherine Simidian & Jacqueline McGhee

  • Secretary: Simidian

  1. Principal’s Report

        1. Covid19 Protocols/Procedures

        2. New DOE Guidance

        3. Technology Updates

        4. Curriculum Updates

        5. NO PTA

  1. Committee Reports

  • New York Edge

  1. Next Meeting will be held on October 27th (Ms. Harris will confirm)

  • Review the Bylaws

  • Ideas for Celebrations/Fun Events

  • Carter Cash? Items for middle school

Notes/Next Steps:

  • Make up of the SLT (# of parents/UFT)

  • PTA - How can we get Parents to be a part of the PTA?

  • SLT - How do we get parents to join SLT?