School Uniform Policy

PS/IS 384 has a mandatory school uniform policy. All students are required to wear the school uniform. We are asking for your support. School uniforms create a safer community, a greater sense of school belonging, improved student behavior, and improved academic performance, as well as reducing school clothing costs for families.

  • Grades 3K-5: Navy blue polo shirt with khaki bottoms (pants, skirt)

  • Grades 6-8: Navy blue polo shirt with bottoms of your choice

All students must attend school each day in the school uniform. Students may not wear other articles of clothing (such as a hoodie sweatshirt) over their school uniform while they are in the building. Students may also purchase the school sweatshirts for colder weather. Uniforms may be purchased at the school.

Students that are not in the required school uniform will be given a school uniform shirt to be worn for the day. In addition, students can not wear hats in the school building. Headwear for religious observance is allowed.

If you need financial assistance with purchasing the school uniform, please speak to the Parent Coordinator Ms. Grace Baez.